can you please atleast acknowledge that her name is epona / clockwork from the mlp wiki?

[[ OOC: Going to answer this right now, just because it’s relevant I think.

While her original fanon name was intended to be either of these, I’m going to continue to use Quickfix; I believe now that her cutie mark is known it fits her better. NEITHER of the others make much sense, and Epona just causes confusion because of the Zelda reference. Using Quickfix also gives this pony a more specific tag rather than having a bunch of MLP!Epona drawings pop up.

Another reason I’m using Quickfix instead of the others: since she appears next to Mjolna, I’ve decided to play towards that aspect of her as well. Right now her personality is still young viewer-wise, but she’ll be fleshed out as I continue to update.

BUT yes, while those are her names on the Wikia, I will not be using them. :) ]]

Anything and everything of course.

Anything and everything of course.